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A better way to manage 

Reprtoir helps music industry professionals optimize their business.
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What is Reprtoir?

Reprtoir is an online software suite designed by music industry professionals to help record labels and music publishers in their daily operations. It is a dedicated solution that assists creative, commercial and administrative teams for general daily business tasks and specifically for the management of content, contributors, rights, and royalties.

Platform is the heart of Reprtoir

Platform centralizes all shared resources such as contributors, catalogs, and tags. It is also the engine that manages the user interface, the network and the server infrastructure that make Reprtoir as easy to use as it is powerful.

A smarter way of managing tracks and album metadata and files

Backup and manage the audio files, metadata, and royalty splits associated with your tracks and albums.

All the tools your entreprise needs to manage musical works

Store and manage metadata, right owners and royalty splits of the catalogs of musical works that you control.

Share your music by email and analyze its activity in real-time

Create a secure playlist, define usage rights, send it to your contacts, and follow-up on real-time streams and downloads.

A dedicated business address book at the heart of your operations

Keep your prospects’, customers’ and right holders’ contact information always up-to-date, shared with your teams and associated with your content.

All the tools you need to manage your contractual relationships

Create a digital version of any production or publishing agreement and link it to tracks or works in just a few clicks.

Reprtoir is designed and developed with passion by and for music industry professionals. And that changes everything.

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