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A modern platform for record companies and music publishers

Reprtoir is the all-in-one workspace that helps music industry companies to manage and grow their business.

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Audio Manager

Sound recording metadata and royalty splits management

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Works Manager

Musical works metadata and royalty splits management

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Playlists for business

Secure playlist sharing and real-time traffic analyzing

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Releases Manager

Delivery tool for The Orchard, Believe, FUGA, and more

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Rights Manager

Free contract management with advanced royalty splits

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Free platform business address book integrated with all products

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Built in two years with our own technology, Platform is the core engine that makes Reprtoir’s content management system so helpful and powerful for music businesses.

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Royalties Manager

Videos Manager

Sales Manager

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“I love the user interface and functionality of Reprtoir, and I really dig the constant development which includes great new features every other month. For those looking for a great place to manage metadata, artwork and audio files, this is simply the best platform. Besides this, you can easily create works and attach these to writers, publishers, and songs…”

Andy Printz

Reprtoir is exactly what I have been looking for as the metadata manager and publishing lead at an independent label. It provides tools for us to organize and audit our extensive back-catalog and tools that help us share new music for publicity, licensing, publishing, or promotion purposes. Reprtoir is constantly adding new tools and updates as well as helpful customer service to tailor the platform to changes in the industry or specific needs of our label. I can’t recommend it enough.

Nina Stiener

“Working with Reprtoir has been an amazing experience. Not only we have found a great platform which helps us managing our catalog, but we have also met an amazing support team who shared some precious suggestions with us, and who are really listening to our needs. Big up!”

Enrico Donner

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Finally, the workspace teams needed to be more productive

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A working interface that will change your life. We designed Reprtoir to increase productivity for music industry professionals.

Releases Importer

Import your releases from streaming services in a few clicks. You will be able to work on your catalogs online within a few seconds by importing your tracks directly from platforms to your workspace.

Reprtoir Sheets

With Reprtoir Sheets, importing music metadata is now easier than ever before. Discover our built-in, secure, collaborative and smart spreadsheet system to help you upload data directly into Reprtoir.

Metadata Collector

With Metadata Collector, add critical data to your catalogs without effort. Metadata Collector crawls websites and identifies metadata to associate with data already in Audio Manager in real-time, even when you sleep.

Tabs or panels? Innovative design to get the best view

By default, Reprtoir behaves exactly like a browser: open tabs in full screen, navigate from one to another, swap them … classic! To go further, we designed a panel view. One-click and all of your tabs turn into panels, which appear side by side. Nothing better to compare data or drag and drop content.

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Reprtoir is designed and developed with passion by and for music industry professionals. And that makes a big difference.

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