Reprtoir is a content manager that helps music industry companies take care of their assets and metadata.

When your team needs to import, export, update, manage, administer, pitch, publish or send releases, sound recordings, works, videos or playlists, Reprtoir will get the job done simply, efficiently and quickly.

Reprtoir is conceived and engineered by music industry professionals that have been working in the business for the past three decades and that possess significant backgrounds in software development.

Reprtoir is for

Reprtoir Interface - Global View

Reprtoir platform

Our products have been conceived to help music businesses of all typologies and sizes to manage their catalogs effortlessly. Discover our main features below.


Metadata manager

Our tagging and search engines are very powerful. They will streamline your entire metadata management tasks.


Metadata auto-enhancer

Our auto-enhancer will match and enrich your artists, albums and tracks with metadata available on the internet.


Duplicate audio finder

Integrated audio fingerprinting tool that automatically matches your duplicate sound recordings.

Spotify album importer

Bulk ingest your catalogs’ metadata in minutes with our innovative Spotify album import tool.


Reprtoir Spreadsheet

Import, update and export your metadata with our proprietary integrated spreadsheet system.


Audio files bulk importer

Forget hard drives and FTP uploads and enjoy dragging and dropping your audio files from your desktop.

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