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Works Manager is a business software for music publishers

A musical works software that helps teams to manage the metadata, contributors, rights holders, royalty splits, and more.

Works Manager works manager
Works Manager user friendly

Designed by and for music publishing professionals

Reprtoir is designed by music publishing professionals who have more than 30 years of experience and developers who have an expertise of more than 10 years in coding software for the music industry.

Works Manager peace of mind

Fully integrated with all Reprtoir features

Works Manager is fully compatible with all content management features provided by our core engine Platform, and all our other products, such as Audio Manager, CRM or Rights Manager.

Works Manager experts involved

Free data migration for large publishing catalogs

Although it is very easy to do it yourself, transferring publishing catalogs to Reprtoir will not waste any of your time. If needed, our team of (meta)data experts can help or take care of everything for you.

Works Manager offers leading features for music publishers

A content management system specifically designed for musical works metadata

Works Manager provides to music publishers a dedicated software environment in which they can store and manage musical works data. Whether it be ISWC codes, authors’ societies, years of creation, contributors IPI codes or rights holders, everything is designed to meet the needs of music publishers. Works Manager adheres to international files and communication standards such as CWR.

Works Manager works metadata
Works Manager works sheets

With Reprtoir Sheets, you can import with ease hundreds of musical works in minutes

Reprtoir Sheets works in the same way as Google Sheets or Office 365. It is a collaborative tool allowing users to fill (or copy / paste) in thousands of rows into an online spreadsheet. Specific columns are available to import works in bulk to save you some time. Sheets verifies compliance and consistency of data by clearly reporting to users the errors detected prior to their ingestion in Reprtoir.

Easily assign complex royalty splits in bulk to your musical works

Add split trees to your musical works by assigning contributors, rights holders and roles in one place. Then add percentages for mechanical rights, performance rights, new media rights, synchronization rights or printing rights.

Works Manager works splits
Works Manager works associated tracks

Associate works and recordings to keep a clear and comprehensive view of your rights

Keep a global view of the chains of rights you manage – directly or indirectly – by associating a musical work with several recordings or several recordings with a musical work. Just drag and drop a recording on a musical work to associate it immediately. Easy as pie.

Find the contracts created in Rights Manager directly in each sound recordings

With Rights Manager, a solution to create digital versions of your contracts that is provided free of charge to all our users, you can link your sound recordings in bulk to these contracts. That way you will be able to review contracts associated with a sound recording directly in its dedicated Contracts tab.

Works Manager works associated contracts
Works Manager works attachments

Attach lyrics, music sheets and other useful documents to your musical works

Drag and drop to store files related to your musical works. Lyrics, music sheets and other useful documents will always be available to your team. Add any kind of data: PDF, Word, Excel, text and images.

All content management features included

Works Manager mass editing

Mass editing

Perform bulk metadata modifications. Edit your content (attributes, contributors or tags) by adding and removing multiple items at once.

Works Manager advanced filtering

Advanced filtering

Use our multiple search engines to filter lists with no restriction. Include, exclude and search for available or missing attributes.

Works Manager saved searches

Saved searches

Save your filters to easily access the data you are looking for whenever you need it. Move quickly from one search to another to stay efficient and multitask!

Works Manager data

Data export

Export the metadata of any resource by selecting the columns and their positions in the exported file. Save export templates for future reuse.

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