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Reprtoir Sheets

Reprtoir Sheets is a collaborative and smart tool that lets teams input and import the metadata of any resource, such as tracks, works or contracts, in bulk, into Reprtoir.

Sheets works online exactly like Google Spreadsheets or Office 365. We have built it with a smart engine that checks the consistency and compliance of the data before it is imported.

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Add anything

Use Sheets to input and import the metadata of any resource to Reprtoir, such as albums, tracks, works, contacts or companies.

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Work collaboratively with your colleagues, online and on the same data. Any modifications or changes are displayed in real-time to the entire team.
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Sheets is smart. It verifies the compliance of the data before imports. In case of errors, it assists you by clearly indicating the elements to correct.
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No need to save your work. Everything is saved in real-time. Whatever happens, you will never lose any of your data ever again.
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Copy and paste thousands of lines to and from any other spreadsheet system like Microsoft Office, Office 365, Google Sheets or Libre Office.
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Sheets is fully integrated with Reprtoir. Use your own categories of tags and apply them to specific resources.
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Duplicate existing Sheets so you do not waste time the next time you need to enter the same type of metadata.

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Included for free

Reprtoir Sheets is a free collaborative tool included in Reprtoir Platform for all free or paid accounts.

Try out Reprtoir free of engagement

All of our accounts provide free unlimited access under 100 tracks and 100 works

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