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Playlists for business is for marketing and sales teams who need to share music safely

Promote or pitch your music by sharing secured playlists to any contact and getting feedback through real-time traffic analyzing.

Playlists for business playlists for business

Pitch sync and licensing deals with Playlists for business

Playlists for business is the perfect companion for sales teams who need to share playlists safely. Create a private playlist in minutes, select your tracks in your catalog, assign rights, and safely share it with your contacts. Every playlist can be shared with one or several persons. Playlists for business makes it easier and faster than ever before for your sales team to pitch tracks for sync and licensing deals.

Get feedback from your prospects

Share a playlist to your prospects and instantly follow the traffic on tracks you sent. Playlists for business allows you to get data telling you which track was the most listened to, how long the receiver listened to the playlist or even how many times they got back to it. Every data feedback is automatically available in each playlist you sent. Make your business decisions with all the informations you need.

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