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Platform is our powerful proprietary core engine

We have spent more than two years building our own technology that manages the network infrastructure, user interface and essential functionalities that powers Reprtoir.

Platform platform

A work interface like you've never seen before

A software suite to usher in tomorrow’s content managers

Reprtoir’s user interface is an innovation in itself.  It has been entirely designed and developed by our team over a period of more than 16 months and has been the subject of several redesigns until reaching a unique level of ergonomics. We are improving it on a daily basis offering outperforming products.

User productivity is at the heart of our concerns

We all know how frustrating it is to spend entire days learning how to work a software before using it. This why we have made everything possible to ensure that mastering Reprtoir would only take a few minutes. If you ever need help, you can access our support center without leaving the user interface.

Once you know how to use a product, you know how to use them all

The entire navigation and common features are always used in the same way, regardless of the software you use. For example, once you’ve learned how to edit or filter a list in a product, you will be able to edit and filter the other lists in the same way, no matter the product you use.

Forget the frustration from slow services

With Reprtoir, you don’t open pages but panels, which makes loading data 10x faster than a traditional website. In addition, you can open an infinite amount of panels simultaneously, enabling you to view several resources at a time, dozens if you want. This is ideal if you need to make comparisons between resources.

Working as a team on common data will now be easier than ever before

We’ve made sure that there is no latency when a member of your team adds data or makes changes to common resources in order for the rest of the team to benefit from it in real time on all products. If you rename an artist, it is renamed instantaneously in all associated resources.

Import your content with our smart collaborative spreadsheets

Reprtoir Spreadsheets is a homemade innovation. We have developed our own intelligent collaborative spreadsheet system. Create a new spreadsheet, copy and paste your data from any other spreadsheet (Excel, Sheets, etc.), or fill it in manually and confirm data consistency before importing it into Reprtoir on one click. Formatting errors will be a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to duplicates

Platform centralizes common resources to all products

Catalogs, contributors (artists, songwriters, etc.) as well as tags are common data to all products. This completely eliminates issues related to duplicate data and your team can work on uniform metadata.

A tag system to which the sky is the limit

As soon as you create a new tag category, it will be available everywhere: in ingestion tools, in data creation and editing tools, in filters, in column views and even in file exports.

Resources association makes it possible to visualize their links

As soon as you associate a resource with another, you keep a visual record within each resource’s panel. For example, in an artist’s panel, you will find a list of all associated tracks.

Your business growth will never be an issue

Technology is ubiquitous without you realizing it

Yet omnipresent, technology should never interfere with your daily activities. Reprtoir is developed with the latest technologies and hosted in the best data centers in the world, making it as powerful, universal, flexible and smooth as possible. You work in a high-paced performing environment and you probably do not realize it. Perfect, that’s exactly what we’re working for!

Automated scalability of infrastructural capabilities

The general capacity of Reprtoir, in terms of computing power, data storage or user numbers, automatically adapts to the pace of the request. If you add several thousand new songs, Platform’s scalable and smart architecture manages it in complete autonomy and transparency – not need to worry about it. Neither does our team!

We do not take data security lightly

Reprtoir offers business tools that rely on AWS, the web-hosting provider of Netflix and Spotify but also NASA and Airbnb. This cloud infrastructure provides Reprtoir with end-to-end integrated security and privacy features with military level encryption algorithms. To learn more about it, visit our dedicated security page.

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