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Data migration

Our metadata experts can help you with music data migration from your current catalog management system to Reprtoir, from any source.

Data migration playlists for business

Easy to switch catalog management software

Making the decision to change your music catalog management system is always a major update for a team. We’re here to ease up the process!

Free your mind from database maintenance by operating a direct data migration to Reprtoir.
Our team is here to facilitate the process in any way we can and this begins with implementing all your data so you won’t have to anticipate a long transition.

Once your data migration is complete, you will have a full access to Reprtoir software suite. From there, you will be able to manage your tracks, musical works, royalty splits and playlists yourself on the platform. Add your own tracks metadata, enrich your music database and get a full overview of your full catalog!

You then will be able to update your audio files in Audio Manager, link your musical works to your tracks with Works Manager and send out private playlists to your prospects with Playlists for business. Get access to the full Reprtoir experience, with our support team always reachable from the platform.

Storage capacity, pricing and data will update in real time so you won’t have to manage your music catalog software. Every information on your tracks, rights holders, contributors and works will be accessible for everyone on your team at any moment.


Free data migration assistant

Willing to get access to Reprtoir catalog management software but worried about transferring big volumes of music metadata? Reprtoir is within reach for every music catalog manager. We offer free metadata migration for large catalogs to give you access to our music management software, for every part of your catalog.

Our metadata experts can take care of data migration for every audio files into Audio Manager, musical works into Works Manager, contacts in CRM, contributors and royalty splits in Reprtoir. To sum up, any kind of data you have can be imported by us in our solution. No restriction!

Regardless of the sources where your data is currently stored, regardless of their format, our metadata experts can help you migrate your data, partially or completely, in Reprtoir’s system.

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