Our November monthly tech update

Robin Charmant

Chief Sales Officer

Nov 25, 2019

November was a productive month but most of what happened was under the hood.

Reprtoir tech update saved searches

What's new: Saved Searches

This month’s big addition to Reprtoir’s family of mind-boggling features is our Saved Searches.

Up until now, we had the possibility to create complex filtering structures to isolate specific data or content inside our accounts, but we had no means to actually save those filters.

Because we have set the bold goal to make the world a better place to live in for all human beings, animals and plants alike, and because altruism and philanthropy are core values of our mission to enhance humankind, we have chosen to alleviate our users from their state of despair by implementing saved searches.

We truly believe the world is better off after having pushed this new build.

What's more

Saving the world once a month is the cross we must bear.
We have not found it in us to do it twice.

What's next: Tabs & user roles

December will most likely bring us new lists found in resource tabs (for instance being able to see all of an artist’s tracks directly from within its resource panel).

New user roles, permissions and rights are also on the menu!

What is Reprtoir?

Reprtoir is a software designed for record companies and music publishers to support creative, commercial and administrative teams in the day-to-day management of corporate data, and more specifically in the organization of content, contributors, rights, and royalties.


Audio Manager

A smarter way of managing tracks and album metadata and files

Works Manager

All the tools your entreprise needs to manage musical works

Playlists for business

Share your music by email and analyze its activity in real-time
CRMIntegrated business address bookFree
Rights ManagerManage your contractual relationshipsFree
PlatformLearn more about the Reprtoir’s core engine

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Audio Manager

Une façon plus intelligente pour gérer des enregistrements et des albums

Works Manager

Tout les outils que votre entreprise à besoin pour gérer des oeuvres musicales

Playlists for business

Partagez votre musique en toute sécurité et analysez l'audience en temps réel
CRMCarnet d'adresses professionnel intégréGratuit
Rights ManagerGestion de vos relations contractuellesGratuit
PlatformEn savoir plus le moteur qui propulse Reprtoir

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