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Considering the current situation, we wanted to twist our editorial plan a bit to talk about ways to focus at home. Our team has been working remotely for years now. This is something we know how to do pretty well. We will tell you all about our advices on which tools you can use with your team. But first let us tell you how this form of work led us to build a SaaS platform: Reprtoir.

Staying productive at home- A SaaS solution experience on remote work
Staying productive at home- A SaaS solution experience on remote work

How we created Reprtoir for remote teams

Reprtoir’s team has members in several European countries. So we know how collaboration can be tricky when no one from the team is actually around.

Today, the whole music industry, as any other, is impacted by Covid-19. For recorded music, no promotion means no releases. It is the moment to work on your tracks, deals and royalties. Dealing with contracts, catalog management and sharing the tasks with colleagues can be a real difficulty when your organization wasn’t meant for remote work.

Well, Reprtoir actually started that way. Managing catalogs, tracks, royalty splits and distribution between remote workers was a real brain teaser. We built a SaaS solution to allow teams to work together, on the same database, updated in real-time.

To break it down:

  • Audio Manager lets you manage your audio files and music metadata
  • Works Manager helps you manage musical works online and keep track of royalty splits
  • Playlists for business lets you send tracks to prospects and get data on their actions
  • Rights Manager gives you a way to digitize your contracts
  • CRM gives you access to an address book system to manage your contacts

With a SaaS solution, every person on your team can get access to centralized files online. We know how stressful changing habits can be for a team. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to give our platform a try. If our tools can help you work from home, we are happy to help!


Working remotely and staying productive at home

On another note, we thought we would give you our tips and tools we use to communicate better daily.


It would be difficult not to mention it: we all use Slack, to always stay within reach and take conference calls. Easy to set up and easy to grasp, it’s a good place to start setting up work communications.

For your meetings, a lot of options are available. You can rely on Skype or Google Meet. These options are working well and usually a few people can get on it without any problem. If you’re looking for a more robust option, I would recommend Whereby (create a chatroom for 4 people for free and raise the number with subscription).

Sheets and Docs

Without casually talking to your colleagues at work, informations on project advancements can be missed, and you shouldn’t lose too much time on updating Slack every few minutes to flood your colleagues.

To organize your time and tasks, a few online tools can be used for your team. For this, we use Clickup, but Trello and Asana are also good options. Managing tasks, assigning them to members of your team and following up on them is crucial when you’re working remotely.

If you need to centralize and collaborate on vast resources, try adding up some content to Notion. You can centralize tasks, notes and easily add users. If you need to transfer bigger files, turn to Dropbox or Swiss Transfer (a direct transfer up to 50Gb for free), and if you need to collaborate on graphic elements, you can use Canva to share designs with your team. And of course, think of G Suite to collaborate efficiently, with Google Drive and Google Sheets!


Every tool can only be helpful if you, at home, manage to stay productive. Getting from an office habit to a solo worker daily routine can be tough. If you feel like you need noise, I personally use Noisli to get an ambiance at home. You can even create your own ambient sounds on Lonofi!

Staying at home inevitably means a lot more content getting to you. Try keeping a clear mind and stay focused. To do so, you can use the extension Pocket, to keep articles or pages you might want to get back to easily accessible.

Finally, try to prioritize channels of communications. The problem with trying being reachable in every way possible is the lack of focus. Try to rank from important (for example Slack) to checked a few times a day (such as your organization tool like Clickup).

If you have any tips and hacks about your productivity you’d like to share don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

If you’re willing to give Reprtoir a try to help your team work from home, we would be happy to do our part. Shoot us a message!

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