One last look at 2019 and a sneak peak at 2020

Dominique Rottet

Founder & CEO

Dec 27, 2019

For Reprtoir, 2019 was a milestone. The end of the year means it’s time to take a look back at what we’ve accomplished and talk about what’s coming for 2020!

Reprtoir happy 2020
Almost 500 companies from all around the world opened accounts in 2019. We measured a 24/7 activity on our infrastructure. It is amazing to see all these professionals use what we built with passion on a daily basis.

Several record companies and publishers use Reprtoir as their main tool to optimize their catalog management. Their teams collaborate daily on the same datasets. A real productivity boost, satisfying all our clients.

It is truly a great feeling, one which pushes us to excel in the future. And this is the plan, you can take our word for it!

A look back at 2019!

Reprtoir has changed a lot during these past 12 months. If you were already with us a year ago, you can attest: 2019 has been a crucial year.

Naturally, we launched numerous new products, extensions and functionalities. But most of all, we finalized Reprtoir Platform, the industry’s most advanced content management system.

Our strategy hasn’t changed. First, we want to build an innovative and competitive SaaS platform to manage sound recordings and musical works. Secondly, we want to add business oriented functionalities.

Our priority has always been to take things step after step. Reprtoir is not a unnecessarily complicated product, and that is thanks to all the work (and reworks) we’ve done upstream on Platform.

This strategy has paid off this year. Within a few months, we launched several new products. We created Works Manager, Playlists for business, Rights Manager, or even CRM, extensions such as Metadata Collector, Playlists for business Analytics and essential functionalities like Sheets and Releases Importer.

Simultaneously, we added more functionalities to Platform. Among the most important for our users, we can mention:

  • the synchronized view for tabs and panels mode
  • the semi-automatized association of resources
  • the optional dynamic columns
  • the dynamic data extract
  • the advanced filters
  • the saved searches
  • the permissions
  • the integrated help center

And, we had to challenge ourselves on aspects that were completely new to us, such as specific problems inherent to managing a SaaS platform. Whether we’re talking about pricing, subscriptions, billing, onboarding, communications, advertising, sales or even customer care, I can assure you, it felt like it was the real challenge of this project!

We couldn’t have anticipated the complexity of the task. But we did it! We created a real SaaS platform for both small and large companies. A platform on which users don’t need to identify themselves to create an account and on which prices and transparent, independent from the client’s profile.

Today, we’ve accomplished everything. We are now ready to start 2020 with one goal only in mind: offering business tools for music industry professionals.

What's coming in 2020?

One thing is for sure: we’re not slowing down. And that’s good news!

We will add several elements to our software suite. Starting with a royalties manager software. Users will be able to define royalties shares and the amount payable to the company’s right holders.

We will implement a distribution component to deliver products to streaming and download platforms, but also to major distributors and aggregators. Adding such tools will give our users access to sales trends.

We will integrate CWR and EBR formats to allow publishers to massively import and export their catalogs of works.

And, finally, when all these new features will be available, within the second part of the year, we will announce a few big surprises in terms of innovation.

On another note, we also need to improve our sales process and customer care. For example, we want to give our American clients customer support during their business hours, with local staff. That will probably be the first step towards the opening of an operational office in the United States.

In the meantime, we will be attending the main music and tech events (NY:LON, Music Biz, MIDEM, Wallifornia, etc.). Give us a heads up if you’ll be there too, we’d be glad to meet over there.

Happy 2020!

From all of us at Reprtoir, I want to sincerely thank you for the trust you have placed in us and all the support we regularly receive from our users, which gives us the strength to go even further to make your business succeed.

We wish you happy holidays and a great new year 2020. 

What is Reprtoir?

Reprtoir is a software designed for record companies and music publishers to support creative, commercial and administrative teams in the day-to-day management of corporate data, and more specifically in the organization of content, contributors, rights, and royalties.


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