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An intelligent and autonomous extension to enrich metadata

Metadata Collector browses the web to add crucial new metadata to tracks and albums already stored in Audio Manager which you can then use to filter and sort.

Metadata Collector metadata collector

Metadata Collector maps out your online content

Get a quick overview of your recordings metadata available online, without even leaving Reprtoir’s workspace. Check if where your content is available and the accuracy of all informations online. Take back control of your online data, it’s yours!

Reliable matches based on ISRC codes and UPC / EAN codes

As you add or edit ISRC track codes or UPC/EAN album codes, Metadata Collector will instantly start browsing the web to get users 100% reliable data in a few seconds.

Millions of artists already available and continuously updated

We maintain more than 2.5 million artists’ data updated to optimize your operations whenever you need it. Thanks to this, adding a new artist to your workspace means you’ll immediately get added features to the profile. You’re ready to go!

Access psychoacoustic data from your recordings

Psychoacoustic data is information extracted from audio files by complex algorithms analyzing the signal’s core nature. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, this data is compared to millions others, creating consistent sets. Metadata Collector gives you access to this dataset!

Metadata Collector is fully integrated with Audio Manager

Your data in Metadata Collector is processed the same way as in Audio Manager. Your tracks can be displayed in lists, sorted and filtered just like the rest of your catalog. This additional data is not only useful, but fully exploitable!

Sit back and relax, Metadata Collector is fully autonomous

Metadata Collector automatically browses the web for additional data, syncing with your own catalog with daily updates. Everything done without any action required from you.

Here’s what you can do with Metadata Collector. And that's only the beginning…

Thanks to psycho acoustic data from AI to (re)discover tracks

Harness data from artificial intelligence to (re)discover tracks to meet licensing opportunities or create new, original releases.

Verify that your metadata is correct on online services

Check the accuracy of your metadata specified on online websites and request changes if needed.

Find out if your content is available and in which region

Browse and filter your albums to make sure they are available on defined streaming services and regions.

Keep an eye on your performances by tracking popularity

Sort your artists, tracks, albums and see which ones are most popular on streaming services at any given time.

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