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Everything you need to handle audio files and metadata from your albums and tracks. Audio Manager will make your life a breeze.

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Master recordings are the backbone resources of the recording industry. Because you are in the music business, you know better than anyone how important it is to understand what’s going on with your most valuable assets, where they’re stored and how they’re managed. Audio Manager centralizes all your audio files and their associated metadata in the Reprtoir Platform interface allowing you to search, tag and filter your catalog like never before.

Reprtoir’s Audio Manager makes staying organized effortless.

Reprtoir’s interface is designed to give you a hands on approach with your albums and tracks.

Importing metadata and files is now easier than before

Importing metadata and files is now easier than before

Instead of going the old route of manually filling-up forms, Reprtoir is paving new roads to getting this done. We offer multiple ways of importing your content in your workspace: from fetching metadata from Spotify to our dedicated Reprtoir Spreadsheet system, importing your catalog can now be done effortlessly.

Never has linking audio files with metadata been so easy

Never has linking audio files with metadata been so easy

Once you upload your content into Reprtoir you will never lose track of it again. You will compile your tracks into albums, products and playlists in a natural manner without having to go through the struggles of finding them. The way we aggregate your content is as instinctive as it gets!

Go as you grow

Go as you grow

With Reprtoir, your account’s capacity grows as your catalog does. Just landed a deal that increases your catalog by a few thousands tracks? No problem: Reprtoir’s scalability handles that! We built this system so music professionals of all typologies and sizes can find their match without having to pay outrageous sums of money just because they reached a higher tier. Growth in Reprtoir is organic.

Audio Manager is a must for any record label.

Audio Manager’s tools and features are simple yet sophisticated, making it an ideal component for your business whether you operate a music library, a small boutique a record label or a big flagship music licensing company.

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