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Audio Manager helps record labels and music producers manage their recordings on a daily basis

With Audio Manager, centralize and save metadata and audio files associated with your tracks and albums in an innovative content manager that lets your teams browse, filter, sort, edit, and tag your catalogs like never before.

Importing albums into a content manager is usually a tedious and time-consuming task. With Audio Manager, it’s a breeze.

If your albums are already selling online, why start all over again?

The fastest way to add albums to Audio Manager is to use our Spotify search engine, which allows you to identify albums from your existing online catalogs and import them in the blink of an eye. All publicly available metadata in Spotify is then ingested in Reprtoir, as if by magic. All you have to do is upload your audio files and you are ready to work.

Collaborative spreadsheets that change the game

Reprtoir Spreadsheets offers global functionalities very similar to those of Google Sheets. We’ve added the flexibility to add any custom tag category as well as a smart check that identifies errors and offers corrections so that you only import valid metadata in Audio Manager. With Spreadsheets, there are no more limits and no more mistakes.

Do you prefer to import your data manually? No problem, we got you covered

When you need to add a single track to an album, a new artist, a songwriter or a publisher, to your catalog, you will probably want to do it quickly. In this case, you can manually add the metadata through various fields directly from our manual input form. This method is quick and easy and gives you a hands-on approach to the metadata you create.

Linking audio files to metadata has never been easier

Audio Manager offers a bulk upload tool that allows you to effortlessly import all your audio files in your albums. Start uploading by dragging files from your computer to Audio Manager. Audio Manager will automatically associate them with the correct titles if you simply add the proper track position in front of the file name. It’s simple as hello!

Main features

Your data and files always up to date for all your teams

With Audio Manager, your teams will not waste time searching for metadata or audio files or images. As soon as content is updated, the can start working on the same data.

Data updated automatically even when you sleep

When you add or edit ISRC track codes or UPC / EAN album codes, Metadata Collector immediately starts searching and fetches 100% reliable data in seconds.

Millions of artists already available and continuously updated

We store data of more than 2.5 million artists to be faster and more efficient when you need it. In this way, when you add a new artist to your account, we link its data to its profile and you can use them immediately.

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