The building block to your working environment.

The Reprtoir Platform is the dynamic interface that holds everything together. It’s modular, evolutive, full of features and above all it’s free.

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Reprtoir - Catalog management system for music industry professionals

Reprtoir Platform is a CMS for the music industry.

A place to rule them all. Your assets that is!

The Reprtoir Platform is first and foremost a state of the art interface whose purpose is to centralize everything you need to help you operate your music business. It is built as a single page website application where navigation is virtually nonexistent. This will allow you to display your asset’s data and information like never before and have a hands on approach to any task you tackle. We replace pages constantly refreshing and wasting thousands of seconds of your time every month by a system of dynamic panes and panels.

An interface like you have never seen before

Reprtoir’s interface is unique. We’ve cherry picked the best tech out there to make it as versatile, flexible and fluid as possible. The end result is a futuristic single page website where opening panels and panes replaces endlessly refreshing pages. Any element can be accessed without even having to refresh once. An unlimited number of albums can be opened up simultaneously to cross-reference metadata. Exports of thousands of recordings can be accomplished in no time. This and much (much) more is offered by Reprtoir’s platform for free.

A new era in searching, sorting, filtering, tagging and more.

A new era in searching, sorting, filtering, tagging and more.

Your metadata, your audio files and your assets will never be lost or misplaced ever again. Any element can be accessed in no time. We’ve made it very easy to help you find what you’re looking for in your catalog. You can tag any element you want with any unique categories of tags of your own design. You can filter tens of thousands of tracks in just seconds with any tag you want. You can search and sort assets from any panes or panels in your account.

See everything about your assets in one place

See everything about your assets in one place.

Built in asset passports can be found in designated areas of your account so you always know exactly where to search for your most wanted pieces of data. You’ll never need to dig through a messy inbox or a spreadsheet to figure out what types of rights or assets you’re dealing with.

Metadata Collector works for you even you sleep

Metadata Collector works for you even while you’re sleeping.

Metadata Collector will go fetch metadata from all around, curate it and assign it to your assets without you even asking it to do so. Reprtoir is plugged into multiple services and databases to bring those bits of crucial data you never knew existed.

The foundation on which to build your Reprtoir environment.

The Reprtoir Platform is the foundation to our other products. Sync it up with other Reprtoir components and products to build the ultimate catalog management system you always dreamed of.

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